Advanced solutions for forward thinking companies

Welcome to Advanced IT. In a nut shell we draw upon our proven track record of developing award winning IT projects. We consult with, or on behalf of our customers to make sure their current technology is adding value to their business and is secure.

We help our customers build a future proofed technology roadmap.

Our team combine proven and innovative technology solutions to compliment the customers business and avoid any needless expenditure.

What we bring to the table

We make sure your computer systems are totally secure, this is THE most important step any company should ever take, simply using an antivirus and hoping for the best is NOT the answer. There is a real risk that criminals either want your money or want to steal your data, in any event that could be a problem. Our team of experienced experts can make your business systems secure, robust and reliable.

Our understanding and love of technology creates the perfect breeding ground for progressing new and innovative ideas, blended with industry best practice, we give the very best results both within sharp time constraints and tight financial budgets.

Advanced don't just provide valuable comprehensive consultancy services we have extensive experience in the development arena too. We provide effective, stylish and affordable system / web / mobile app design and development.

We provide a complete range of services irrespective of your company's size or proposed project budget, We invite all companies to talk to us whenever a development project is in its infancy, we are sure we can help.

You would be very surprised just how competative we are. Not only have we built a strong reputation and won awards for our technical excellence we understand the complete development life-cycle from start to finish, consultation, planning, design, development, Q&A, user testing before any production releases hit your customer base - we are the one stop shop

 Architecture & Design
We design and build bespoke online stores and revenue generating web sites these are becoming one of the premier uses of the internet, with existing and new businesses expanding their reach via the WWW.
Advanced is dedicated to helping our customers face the constant challenges of protecting their companies assets from cyber, physical and environmental threats or damage. Working together we assist our customers in identifying and mitigating threats helping them to constantly improve their system and data security.
 App Development
Advanced use cutting-edge technologies to rapidly build reliable applications with the experience, knowledge, tools and methodologies to ensure success
 Strategy Planning
We produce a IT strategy plan which is a guiding document for a company’s IT organisation. It defines the overall goals, the strategies that support those goals, and the tactics that are needed to execute those strategies.
 Technical Board Level Representation
We act as the CTO of your organization we oversee the current technology and create relevant policy. We have commercial business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organisation's goals.
 IT Management / Direction
We ensure that all technology resources and associated employees are utilized properly and in a manner that provides value for the organisation